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Ko Kura is in Japan. It was a target of the atomic bomb. 
Truman decided to drop the bomb because he thought it would end the war.
The second world war changed the political face of the world by making other world powers.
The two theaters of operation were the European theater and the Pacific theater. The two military forces involved in the Pacific theater were the Americans and the Japanese. The two military forces involved in the European theater were Germany and Italy. 
Propaganda is advertisement against something typically political. It can be produced by anyone who is against or for something. 
Fascism is when a country only focuses on the government and puts it in front of the people, this made countries rasist. Spain, germany, italy, japan, and the soviet union wer
Respectfully, and kindly. 
German Americans were violently discriminated against. 
A deadly gas that burns your skin and was used in warfare.